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Syed-Tech is our all-inclusive provider of IT Services & Solutions, taking care of all of your business- and IT-related needs at a predictable rate.

We have been in the information technology industry since 2018. We began as a data processing unit at that time and have since grown to become a Complete IT Solutions company with global footprints.

Syed-Tech’s expert team has all the mechanisms for studying the strategies that your competitors are using to promote their businesses. We study them in order to develop our own counter-strategies. In order to provide our valued clients with ultimate results, we regularly monitor it and maneuver it as necessary.

When working with an IT company, will you work with a single person? Or would you have access to a team of competent staff with diverse skillset? Technology is becoming increasingly complex as well as crucial to business operations. It is close to impossible for one person to know exactly how to do everything technology-related because it is no longer just about fixing hardware and updating applications. You need experts in strategy, marketing, cloud computing, security, networking, as well as digital marketing. When selecting an IT service provider, ensure that you have access to the staff you require to run your business efficiently.

We work with businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors to multinational companies. We have been building websites for Accountants & Payroll, Medical & Allied Health, Associations, Automotive & Marine, Business Coaches, Dentistry, Fashion & Retail, Financial Planners, HR, Lawyers, Local Government, Manufacturing, Real Estate & Construction, Speakers and Tourism, and everything in between for over years! You can check out some of our work done by ourselves.

There is no need to meet the client in person because we are already working all over the world. We do require ongoing interaction with the clients. For this, we connect and communicate using digital technology via Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. We use software tools to remotely access their systems and manage things. We even do it for our local clients because it saves time and money.

You shouldn’t hire an IT company that only concerns itself with hardware upgrades. It would be best if you had someone who is constantly on the cutting edge of technology. Stagnancy is synonymous with obsolescence. So, in order to succeed, you must need a game-changer Just like Syed Tech.

Have some questions?

We have the answers

Smaller static websites only need to be renewed on schedule for maintenance. Larger websites or applications, however, necessitate a lot of maintenance work, requiring the use of specialized skills. Syed Tech has a fully functional team for successfully completing multiple projects. You can call or submit an inquiry to learn more about it.

Syed-Tech is a process-driven IT agency, and we adhere strictly to the 5-Step industry-proven process.

    • PDCAD: Plan -> Develop -> Check -> Approval -> Deploy
    • We also adhere to the three (3) Ps: Process, Purpose, and Principles.

Based on standardized IT key figures, such as a comparison of IT costs, it is possible to compare IT performance within and across industries. To monitor how the business’s IT has developed, regular successive evaluations can be used. Such IT benchmarking demonstrates a company’s progress and level of digitization on the one hand. On the other hand, how it compares with other businesses.

Though it doesn’t have to be, technology can appear to be overwhelming. Geek speak and technical jargon are two ways to talk about the specifics. However, you need a technology partner who can support your business’s operations and assist you in overcoming business challenges. You don’t need the nuts and bolts of technical hardware for this. You need an advisor who can assure you that the technology they’ve recommended will do the job. When selecting an IT service provider, look for one – Syed Tech, who communicates effectively with you.

We treat each client’s work as our own because each website or mobile application is specifically created for him/her. So, if the client wants to keep the controls and manage independently, we have no objections & issues with that. The payment terms, however, may change from case to case if a website or application is developed using proprietary codes.

We understand how uneasy it can be to add a new line item to your company’s budget. However, the reality is that managing your own tech issues already costs you money. This is due to the value of your time. By doing what you do best and letting us handle the rest, could you possibly be able to earn more money every day? To learn what we can do to improve your business’s productivity and bottom line, get in touch with us right away.

There are countless applications available to enhance communication, productivity, and business processes. But which one or ones are best for your company? It can be difficult for many companies to stay consistent with an application strategy. Google Docs is used by someone in HR, while Dropbox is used by someone in accounting. That’s why having an application strategy and being aware of how each application boosts productivity at your company are both crucial.

Standardization is crucial for businesses to achieve consistency and a return on investment. If every department works independently, money is wasted on multiple apps, and a decline in productivity.